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Castels & Palaces


Hardly any other country has more castles, palaces and other historical buildings to offer than France. Many are true works of architecture and are waiting to be visited by you.

Château Biron


Biron Castle is located near the village of Biron in the Dordogne department of the French Périgord. Built on a rocky spur overlooking Lède, the building offers a wonderful panoramic view.

A subsequent visit to the town of Monpazier is also a good idea, as this beautiful medieval town is close by and its many restaurants and cafes offer a perfect  opportunity for refreshments while processing what you have seen. 

Château de Bonaguil

Just outside the village of Fumel, you come to the "Château Bonaguil". In the Château musical and also medieval occasions take place often. From April to October, during the school holidays, every Wednesday medieval inspired events such as archery, herb and spice history, medieval games and much more take place

Château de Castelnaud


This castle is located in our neighbour's department - the Dordogne. Not only is it an impressive sight, it is also one of the largest collections of medieval weapons in the region. The visit can be combined with a 2 to 4 hour canoe trip on the Dordogne and/or a visit to the three beautiful villages (les plus beaux villages de france) La Roque Gageac, Domme and Beynac.

Château de Duras


Located close to the border of our department is the Château de Duras. This was bought by the municipality and renovated thanks to community work. Beside the location, the pompous entrance staircase is so captivating, it makes you want to take a tour.

For wine lovers, it is a good idea to plan one or more wine tastings after or before visiting the castle. The "Duras" is a very old variety of grape, which is cultivated exclusively in the southwest of France - who knows, maybe you will find your new favourite wine here.

Château de Lauzun

This castle is privately owned. However, the park and the 2 beautiful fireplaces can be visited. The guide is very nice and competent. We were very impressed by this small château. If one wants to visit the Château de Duras, then one inevitably passes this site - so one should seize this opportunity immediately.

Château de Gavaudun


It is better described as the ruin of a fortress than as a castle. But its view from below is very impressive, as the walls were built directly in and on the rock. The ascent is only recommended for very sturdy and vertigo-free visitors - we would advise families with small children not to visit, as the stairs have very high steps. Everyone else will certainly enjoy the view and the architecture of the past.

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