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It's not for nothing that they say, "Eat like God in France." Let yourself be surprised by the numerous culinary offers in our immediate surroundings.

Restaurant La Tête d'Ail


In our neighbouring village - Cancon (4 km) there is our "favourite restaurant": small but very lovingly furnished, with terrace. The service is as friendly and good as the food. Typical French cuisine is served.

Restaurant Au Lac


In the "Resto du Lac", 3 km away, you can enjoy a simple but very tasty cuisine (on Fridays always with live music). Here, after an eventful day, you can end the evening with a good meal and a great atmosphere directly by the lake

Restaurant La Dame Du Lac


In the "Restaurant la dame du lac", 12 kilometres away, you can enjoy delicious French cuisine. The terrace is beautiful with a view of the lake. In rainy weather, you can bring the sun into your heart with various games and enjoy a fun time.

Restaurant La Table des Épicuriens

Our friends Raymonde and Jean-Claude conjure up culinary delights in their stylishly furnished restaurant on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Restaurant Château "Le Stelsia"


Special design, bright colours and excellent food. The food in "Le Bistro" is an upscale kitchen, but at a good price.

Palais De Bias

If you wish to eat Asian food, you should visit this restaurant in Bias (approx. 20 km). The British would say, there you can dine "all you can eat" - the French say "en volonter" :-)

L'Escale D'Asie

If you wish Vietnamese, we recommend the restaurant in Villeneuve sur Lot (17 km). The service is unbeatable, as are the specialities on offer.

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