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Your Hosts

We are Gerda & Dario Gerber. And we are hosts from the bottom of our hearts.

We would like to invite you to our small, green oasis Domaine les Courteaux, amidst the gentle hills of the Cœur de Bastides region.

Let us spoil you and free yourselves from the stress of everyday life. According to our motto:

Discover - Relax - Enjoy!


Our Philosophy

Live Your Dream

It wasn't long ago that we got stuck looking for a new place to stay in Beaugas. Right at the beginning we fell in love with the indescribable landscape and the friendly people in this area.

Originally emigrated from Switzerland, in 2017 we found a new home here in Beaugas to venture a new phase in our lives. Our goal was to entertain guests, to live in harmony with nature, to shift down a gear and enjoy life more.

With a lot of heart and soul, endless passion and lots of sweat we have furnished our new domicile. Initially matured as an idea in our heads and hearts, we realized our dream step by step and converted our new house and the property into a small, green oasis.

We are ready to live our dream. And we invite you to participate.

The Charm of Chambre d'Hôtes

Accommodation in a Chambre d'Hôtes is a cultural treasure in its own right in France. A stay in a Chambre d'Hôtes can be compared to a Bed & Breakfast. However, in the French version the so-called "convivialité" is in the foreground.  This is what the French call something that could be translated as "hospitality", but goes much further. "Pleasant togetherness in a private atmosphere" would describe this kind of conviviality more precisely.

And that's exactly what you'll find in our Domaine les Courteaux. As hosts, we look forward to bringing you closer to the inviting way of this traditional hospitality culture. For example, a breakfast together with the other guests or (by reservation) a cosy dinner ("Table d'hôtes") at our large table by the pool.

In Harmony With The Nature

The resources of our earth are not inexhaustible. All the more important, therefore, that we treat what nature gives us with care and caution.

When we attended our first permaculture workshop a few years ago, we quickly realized that this was the path we wanted to take in order to maintain our environment sustainably.

All our land, gardens, plants and activities in the countryside are designed according to the permaculture philosophy; everything is in harmony, helps each other and is protected from the influence of abnormal interventions.

Through the mutual fertilization of all ecological elements, a new habitat for animals and plants was created here in the Domaine les Courtaux. Peaceful, gentle and sustainable.

A walk between the winding paths of our small property will amaze you how species-rich and diverse fauna and flora can be ... if you let them do the right thing.

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