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Cities & Villages


Even if you are looking for peace and relaxation, you can't get past the beautiful towns / villages of the area.

Beynac Et Cazenac


One of the four places (Domme and La Roque- Gageac and Castelnaud-la-Chapelle) which are almost within reach of each other and are awarded with the distinction "les plus beau villages de france". The Chateaux Beynac from the 12th century, towers vigilantly over the dreamlike village.



Our pretty, small neighbouring village with all the necessary shopping opportunities also offers very beautiful buildings as well as a viewpoint with the ruins of its Châteaux.

Market: Monday



A must for all castle lovers - the Châteaux built in the 12th century is really very worth seeing (see under the heading "Chastels & Palaces").


This pretty bastide would be worth a visit, for example, before bathing in the Lac du Lougratte, preferably on Tuesday morning in conjunction with the beautiful market.



We are really surrounded by many places awarded with the title "les plus beaux villages de france", also Domme belongs to it. As an additional " treat " there is a cave in the heart of the village. 

La Roque-Gageac

This can be the destination of a wonderful canoe trip on the Dordogne, because the village is situated directly on the river Dordogne and at the foot of the hill on which Domme sits enthroned. Again one of the most beautiful places in France. In the summer months this place is very busy - which can be considered a compliment.


Who once savoured the tasty "Marmande" tomato must also visit and get to know the pretty home of the tomatoes.



This medieval village is perched on a hill from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view (also one of the plus beaux villages de france). A medieval festival takes place in mid-August. A visit is worthwhile particularly on Thursday during the months July and August, when the market "Gourmande" takes place. 

Market: Thursday



One of the "les plus beaux villages" of France, which you should definitely visit in combination with the "Château Biro". In the village there are many shops offering arts and crafts, which fit very well into this medieval city.

Only a few kilometres away, is Belvés. This place was also awarded as one of the most beautiful little towns of France. The village is situated on a hill and offers a great view of the surroundings.  



Small, but extreme and an absolute must. As soon as one dives into this extremely beautifully preserved village, one feels transported back in time. It rightfully carries the award "plus beau village de france". Pujols is situated on a hill near Villeneuve sur Lot and in good weather you can enjoy great views.

Villeneuve sur Lot


It is the next larger city (18 km) in our surroundings and is simply picturesque due to its location right on the river "Lot". You can admire that the Romans once lived there in the quarter "Eysses", near the archaeological excavation cities. 


This place captivates with its old and beautiful houses and the Bastie. If you visit the market in the morning (see above under Markets) and get hungry, then we can highly recommend the restaurant "Le Gourment", it offers very tasty French cuisine with fresh market vegetables at a slightly higher price (22.50 to 34.00 Euro).

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