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Bicycle tours, golf courses, archery or fishing tours. There is no lack of sports facilities in our region.



At each "office de tourisme" for 12 Euros you get a day ticket and the necessary information when and where you can fish.



We have set up an archery range on our premises. All interested people will be introduced to this exciting sport by Dario.

Bike tours

Cycling is a major sport in France and therefore VTT Velo tout terrain, i.e. mountain biking, is a regular summer activity. But almost all routes marked as hiking trails can also be taken by bike.



In our own small but fine outdoor fitness corner the muscles can be "toughened ".

At the nearby "Lac de Lougratte" there is a beautiful "Vita-Parcours" leading around the lake



In Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe, which is only 7 minutes away from us, there is a beautiful golf course.

Horse Riding


On horseback you can explore the beautiful hilly landscape of our region, which is probably one of the most beautiful activities.



As in Italy, in France it is unfortunately not possible to walk every path, as many paths are private. However, this does not mean that the nature lover is denied this pleasure, but only that we will inform you in advance about the beautiful hiking trails.



On request and advanced booking we can offer you a super nice masseuse, who can pamper you in our rooms with different types of massage such as Indian massage and Reiki.

We can also offer a yoga trainer on request.

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